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About Us

The commitment of the company's employees to the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct in the performance of their duties


Farmalys Iraq owns a number of companies specialized in its business, such as Alrawd Company, The Ideal Nutrition Company, which specializes in the import of baby milk, medicines and medical supplies, Rawd North, which specializes in the import of calves, sugar, rice and crane Eastland, a company specialized in agricultural research. Founded in the Republic of Iraq, Farmalys Iraq is a leader in general trade for all the customer’s interests and we feel his need in the Iraqi markets.

Our Objectives

To provide better service to our customers through the materials we offer to the Iraqi market, which we try to deliver to customers at competitive prices and high quality, as we contribute to raising the economy of our country and this is one of our high objectives.


  • Provision of baby milk
  • Providing integrated food materials for children
  • Provide the nutrients that the customer needs in his daily life
  • Working to develop agricultural reality
  • Providing medical supplies
  • Providing medicines

Company Vision

Improving and continuously developing services to ensure that customers continue with us and earn other customers to be the most trusted company


Farmalys Iraq is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Iraq in the field of general trade where we have the respect and great confidence of officials and customers as we work hard to deliver the best service to customers according to the approved and legal specifications

Working environment

We work hard to maintain better health for our customers, more beneficial nutrition and a clean green environment for a bright future.

Business Values

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Integrity