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AL Taghzeya AL Methalya

AL Taghzeya AL Methalya

We are the Exclusive agent in Iraq for Many European Companies that deals with Babies e.g.:

Why we are?

We introduce a high quality product, good price and rapid action.

With a high Pediatricians Recommendation, which give our customers the best feeling of insurance that their lovely babies with safe products.

“AL Taghzeya AL Methalya Co.”, Have a high quality of Storages to Store our Products according to W.H.O and M.O.H Rules for more safety to our customers.

“AL Taghzeya AL Methalya Co.”, Have a many distribution channels in addition to delivery Systems to reach you in everywhere in the country.

Our Purchase orders from our sources Based on Many years of experience in this field so we are proud to say 3 No:

  • No out of stock
  • No not passed products in QC Labs
  • No expire date in the markets

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To Be the 1st choice to Parents in Iraq By Providing our Babies and Children the Best Quality of Nutrition and Supplies with a reasonable value.


  • Increase our distribution channels
  • Keep our Quality in the Max
  • Increase our lines to coverage all babies needs

Our Values

Our success is built on courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity and transparency. These values shape our daily work, the way we meet challenges and our interactions with our customers, business partners.


Our Team

With a qualified Employs and Full experience Managers we can discover the need and satisfied it “AL Taghzeya AL Methalya Co., Team divided to 2 main groups Covered Iraq.

  1. Field Team
  2. Administrative Team

All These team connected with the GM of “AL Taghzeya AL Methalya Co.,

Out Partner

AL Taghzeya AL Methalya
AL Taghzeya AL Methalya